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Garage Door Off Track

ER Garage Doors & Gate Repair conducts a full garage door inspection every time a garage door is off track. This way we can accurately identify the cause and see if the roller jumping the track has caused any other problems like bent frames, dented tracks, or damage to the door.

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Garage Door Off Track

ER Garage Door Off Track Repair is Standing By to Serve The Local Community.

When a garage door is off track it indicates a problem; something, somewhere is out of alignment. It may be the track itself, the rollers, a spring or coil, or a cable. Sometimes the problem is serious, such as a dented track. At other times, it is a minor problem like dirt or grime on the track.

Garage door rollers play an important role in keeping the garage door opening and closing smoothly. These rollers sit in tracks, but sometimes they don’t stay there. When rollers jump the track it’s important to immediately stop using the garage door and call ER Garage Doors & Gate Repair at (888) 907-6675 for service.

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